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Bollin Valley Partnership - Longhorn Cattle

The Longhorn Year

December, January, February, March

Calves in snowCattle are housed during the winter months at our farm in Styal. This avoids churning up the fields during wet weather. They are fed hay (cut grass, dried and baled) and silage (cut grass,wilted, and baled damp so that it ferments and is preserved).

April, May, June

Calf in meadowSpring is calving time. Hay and silage are made to feed the cattle during the next winter. Meanwhile, the cattle are all out in the fields enjoying their summer grazing.Non-breeding stock can be seen grazing at Macclesfield Riverside Park and Wilmslow Park. The breeding herd is kept at Norcliffe Farm in Styal. The bull is let out in the fields with the cows in June,hopefully timing the birth of next years cows for spring.

July, August, September

Longhorn cows at Wilmslow parkAll the stock are out in the fields around the valley carrying out their main function of conservation grazing.
Surplus stock are sold at Longhorn Cattle Society Sales and local Rare Breed Sales in September each year.

October, November

Heifers brought in for the winterCalves weaned off their mothers' milk; it can be quite noisy as they bellow for attention. Selected heifers (young female calves) join the breeding herd.