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About The Bollin Valley Partnership

About the Bollin Valley Partnership:

In the late 1960s, Hale Unity District Council approached Cheshire County Council regarding setting up a Countryside Management Service. This was to operate across administrative boundaries along the length of the River Bollin. Assistance and funding from the Countryside Commission (now part of Natural England) led to the partnership being set up. The Partnership started in 1972 as a pioneering experiment in managing land around towns for wildlife and informal recreation, with due regard for local farmers.

tree planting at lacey green in 1975

From the outset the Bollin Valley Partnership worked with local people:individuals; farmers and landowners; groups; schools and businesses. The photograph above shows a Bollin Valley ranger tree planting with local children at Lacey Green in 1975.

Initially the Partnership only covered a small area of the River Bollin's Catchment between Wilmslow and Bowden. By 1987 the area had extended from the fringe of Macclesfield Forest, where the River Bollin rises, to where it flows into the Manchester Ship Canal between Partington and Warburton.

The earliest site managed by the partnership was Rossmill in 1976. Macclesfield Riverside Park opened officially in 1989 and the Aviation Viewing Park managed in partnership with Manchester Airport plc in 1992. The way-marking of the Bollin Valley Way, a long distance footpath following the course of the River Bollin was originally completed in 1993 and not long afterwards the Trafford section of theTrans Pennine Trail, from Heatley to Broadheath, opened to walkers, cyclists, horse-riders and people in wheelchairs or those pushing buggies.

Our Partners

The Partnership has worked with many partners, too numerous to mention, ranging from interested individuals to large grant giving bodies. These additional partnerships often help us achieve particular projects above and beyond our core functions. They are frequently co-ordinated by Emma Houghton as Community Projects. If you have any ideas for improving the Valley which you would like to discuss, please contact Emma by phone on 01625 374790 or by emailing Emma Houghton.