Bollin Valley Partnership

Bollin Valley Partnership

Protecting and enhancing the River Bollin catchment


Countryside sites

Bollin Valley Way (from panel)
Bollin Valley Way

The Bollin Valley Way is a 25 mile (40 km) recreational path shadowing the course of the River Bollin. The route starts at Macclesfield Riverside Park and finishes in Partington. 

Lindow common
Lindow Common

lindowsquareLindow Common is one of only a few small areas of lowland heath in Cheshire and consequently it is an extremely rare and important habitat and is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

Linney's bridge picnic site
Linney's Bridge Picnic Site

Linney's Bridge picnic areaLinney’s bridge is a small picnic site where Stanneylands Road crosses the River Dean. It provides a useful parking spot for walking the local footpath network.

Lymm railway line
Lymm Railway Line

Lymm RailwayThe Lymm Railway Line is a disused railway line running from Warrington to Altrincham. We manage a 4.5 km section running from Broadheath to the River Bollin. 

Macclesfield riverside park
Macclesfield Riverside Park

River Bollin at Macclesfield Riverside parkMacclesfield Riverside Park Local Nature Reserve occupies the flood plain and the sloping sides of the River Bollin and one of its tributary brooks. The steeper slopes are of Semi Natural Ancient Woodland whilst the rest of the site is either wild flower rich pasture or younger tree planting.

Newgate nature reserve
Newgate Nature Reserve

Wildflowers at Newgate Nature ReserveFormerly a landfill site, Newgate Nature Reserve, is a fine example of how industrial land can be returned to nature. Its 13 acres contain open grassland, scrub, newly developing woodland and wet areas along drainage ditches, giving the whole site a rich biodiversity.

Rossmill woodland
Rossmill Woodland

Rossmill WoodlandRossmill Woodland is a 17 acre Site of Biological Importance for its Semi Natural Ancient Woodlands. It forms the northern bank of a section of the River Bollin. The site has a number of meadow areas that are managed for their wildflowers.

Wilmslow Park (from panel)
Wilmslow Park

Cows at Wilmslow parkWilmslow Park is owned by Cheshire East Borough Council and has been managed by Bollin Valley Partnership since 1987. The site offers 17 acres of pleasant meadows and riverside walks and is in easy reach of Wilmslow Town centre.