Bollin Valley Partnership

Bollin Valley Partnership

Protecting and enhancing the River Bollin catchment


Conservation grazing

When Bollin Valley Partnership took on the management of Macclesfield Riverside Park in the late 1980’s, it was decided that grazing was the best way to look after the grassland to improve its wildlife and wildflowers. Old English Longhorn Cattle were chosen as they are a hardy breed with a quiet disposition, and at that time were listed as a rare breed in need of conservation.

In 1988, Bollin Valley Project (now Partnership) brought in 11 cows and 2 calves.  Since then, the herd has flourished and now has around fifty breeding cows and two bulls, these are currently Fishwick Sherman and Gentons Tiger.

cow and calf600

The cows have a crucial role in looking after our sites by breaking up the soil and in doing so they allow space for wildflower seeds to germinate and thrive.  They also have become a mascot for the Bollin Valley Partnership.

We stock with low numbers of animals to prevent overgrazing, this results in more biodiversity due to the number of microhabitats created. In the winter months the cattle are housed inside at Oakwood Farm at Styal.

Cattle at Wilmslow ParkThe main breeding herd is kept on land not open to the public to allow them to calve in peace. The younger animals that have yet to join the breeding herd are the ones that you can see grazing throughout the Bollin Valley.  The cattle graze sites that we manage at Macclesfield Riverside Park and Wilmslow Park, but also graze land managed by Cheshire East Council Rangers at Tegg’s Nose Country Park and National Trust land at Styal. 

cattle and water

The Bollin Valley Longhorns are Red Tractor assured and in the Premium Cattle Health Scheme.  For further details on cattle for sale, please contact the Partnership on: Tel. 01625 374790 or