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Bollin Valley Partnership - What is Happening in the Bollin Valley


Saturday 12th May 2018
Longhorn Society Northern Show and Sale

Cattle SaleTwenty one Bollin Valley animals were sold at the Longhorn Cattle Society Northern Show and Sale at Beeston Market including our bull Bollin Rupert who won the breed champion in the show. Also sold were 6 cows, 5 calves, 5 heifers and 4 steers. The income from the sale of cattle helps pay for the up keep of Countryside sites.


Thursday 26th April 2018
New Calf let out, Norcliffe Farm

Calf SadieWe are now well into this years calving with fifteen having been born. With the late spring cattle are only now beginning to be let out from their winter housing. This photo shows calf Sadie out on the fields at Norcliffe Farm for the first time.  



Wednesday 14th March 2018
Tree Work in Tytherington Wood, Macclesfield

post felling inspectionAfter the recent high winds a number of large trees were either blown over or damaged. The tree pictured here had a limb torn from it in the wind but the remaining trunk had a split running right up it and had to be felled for safety reasons. Ranger Jim inspects the felled tree after felling it.


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